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Deploying Vision Sensor Technology in Packaging Applications

Let’s take a look at packaging solutions. Vision technology can be used in the packaging industry for inspecting products for the presence of caps and safety seals; measuring the heights of vial stoppers, determining presence and straightness of labels, and ascertaining bottle fill levels. It can also be used to verify that the correct label has been placed on the product and that date and lot codes have been printed or laser marked on the product packaging. Vision sensors can also determine if inserts are included inside of packages and check for open flaps on packages. See how a vision sensor determines the both the presence of and the correct position of a label in the images below.


There’s an endless list of applications that vision sensor technology solves in the packaging market. Most of these applications simply couldn’t be completed using a photo eye. Cost-effective Checker 4G Series Vision Sensors can inspect up to 6,000 parts/minute and be supported and maintained by factory personnel with no training or experience with machine vision.

OTE Group, a producer of special hydrating, cleaning and lubricating fluids for the lens care market based in the Netherlands, uses Cognex Checker vision sensors to meet the strict requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. OTE installed three Checkers on their packaging line to check for the presence of a code printed on the bottom of each bottle and simultaneously check for the presence of the label. OTE has over 250 different labels for many different customers, and Checker delivers a 100% reliable inspection of each bottle, both in checking codes and labels.

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